Opening Day – Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Uniform distribution will be Thursday May 16th until 4 PM at the school  cafeteria Register Today!



Welcome to the FBC Baseball website. The First Baptist Church Youth Baseball League is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

The 2017 season is the First Baptist Church Youth Baseball League’s 36th year of baseball. We are eagerly anticipating another baseball season filled with fun and excitement.



How can my son play for FREE?

There are two ways your son can play for free.

1.     Any boy that gets an approved sponsor to sponsor a team for $500 will get his uniform, league fee, and registration fee paid in full.

2.     Any parent who works in the concession stand three nights will be refunded the league fee and registration fee. These night can be worked at anytime, however they have to be scheduled with Susan Harper before opening day.

Registration Procedures

A registration packet will be going home on Monday, March 27. Please fill out the enclosed forms and return them with at least $20.00 to cover the registration fee. This is a non-refundable fee. All fees must be paid before your son may pick up his uniform or play his first game. Registration begins Sunday, March 26 and ends Sunday, April 23. Late registration ends Sunday, April 30; there is an additional $20.00 late-registration fee. Please register your son as soon as possible. It only takes $20.00 to register. Registration will begin on Sunday to allow players to sign up at FBC. Packets will be sent home the next day at school.

To register return the completed registration forms to Hammond Baptist Finance Office. Please make sure you include the $20.00 payment. You may also register and pay (with credit or debit card) online by going to and click the registration button. Follow the online directions.

Players must pay the league fee and a registration fee. The fees are as follows:

Instructional League Fee                  Grades K5-1                           $30.00 + $20.00 Registration = $50.00 Total

Minor League Fee                                 Grades 2-3                          $30.00 + $20.00 Registration = $50.00 Total

Major League Fee                                  Grades 4-5                         $35.00 + $20.00 Registration = $55.00 Total

Jack Hyles League Fee                         Grades 6-8                           $40.00 + $20.00 Registration = $60.00 Total



We are looking to get all new uniforms, so the registration fee must be paid as quickly as possible to have uniforms in time and to avoid additional late fees.

After all the fees have been paid in the Business Office or online, you may pick up your son’s uniform Thursday, May 25th, after school till 4 p.m. ALL uniforms will be distributed in the cafeteria.


Your son will be given a schedule during school the first week of May if he attends any of the Hammond Baptist or City Baptist Schools. He will also be given a schedule by his coach, or you may find all schedules posted online at  The official start of the season is “Opening Day,” Thursday, May 25th.

Dress Code

We do not allow anyone to wear shorts on our campus. This rule applies to men as well as women. There is one exception to this rule; it is very simple, but I need your help and cooperation to make it work. Male visitors who wear shorts on campus will not be required to leave the campus. We have had some very unfortunate incidents when grandparents came to the ball field, and Grandpa was wearing shorts. If you bring a male visitor who is wearing shorts, please let me know so I do not embarrass him. I’d love to be introduced and try to help visitors feel very welcomed.

The dress code for our ballplayers and their immediate families will not change. No one may were shorts except male visitors. The rule that bans shorts applies to all ladies, be they visitors or members. This “shorts rule” also applies to all children with the exception of babies who cannot yet walk.

I am looking forward to a great summer of baseball. If you have any questions, please call me at 219-313-0961.  Thank you for helping to make First Baptist Church’s Youth Baseball League a success.