• Registration begins on Sunday, March 25th and ends Sunday, April 22nd.
  • Late registration begins April 23rd and ends April 29th.  (A $20 late fee is accessed after April 29th.)
  • The $20 registration fee per player is all that is required to complete registration.
  • After all the fees have been paid in the Business Office or online, you may pick up your son’s uniform Tuesday, May 15, after school till 6 p.m. ALL uniforms will be distributed in the cafeteria.


How can my son play for FREE?

There are two ways your son can play for free.

1.     Any boy that gets an approved sponsor to sponsor a team for $500 will get his uniform, league fee, and registration fee paid in full.

2.     Any parent who works in the concession stand three nights will be refunded the league fee. These night can be worked at anytime, however they have to be scheduled with Susan Harper before opening day.

Please use a offline registration form to take advantage of these options. These forms can be found at the west church counter or at the Hammond Baptist School’s offices.

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